I would like some information about museums.

I am fanning myself with a magazine.

Who is in Iran?

Joyce retires next spring.

What can't be cured must be endured.

Those present at the meeting supported the bill.

He would have his say on the subject.

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The chairman is elected for a two year term.

I think that she has magic powers. If you see her, you'd do anything for her.

Laurianne jabbed Bob with his elbow.

I met with her today.

Ralph doesn't know whether it's new or not.

Lock the windows before going to bed.

Why are you biring your hand?

We got up at four in the morning.

That was my strategy.

I'll see to it that we complete this project on time.

Steak is often accompanied by red wine.

Will you play go with me?

Johnnie pulled Cole into his arms and held her close.

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Sanche already knows a lot.

This is what I need.

Would you please wait for a few minutes?

I've always distrusted you.

You may have to help him.

Would you be willing to write a letter for me?

In order to keep informed, I try to read as much as possible.

I take lessons in flower arrangement.

Which of the two has the bigger penis?

Right now I'm training in preparation for the day we set off.

I want to be happier.

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The work will take anywhere from two to three weeks.

Lawrence needs to be very careful.

There are rumors that she found a new job.

Kikki is quite obstinate.

You should watch television at a distance.

Let's find out who stabbed him.

Mr Wood had no sons.


Wasn't your old dog named Cookie?

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Please, give me the biggest pineapple.

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The British started to attack from across the river.

Our grocery bill soared last month because of higher vegetable prices.

I am a bit drunk.


I'm the last person Roderick would want to talk to now.


Why don't you lie down for a while?

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Tell us how you feel.

John broke the window yesterday.

Raman tore Randell's picture up.


How did Tanaka pay for all this?


Check your facts.


I watched TV at six last night.

Chuck said he wanted to show what he'd made to Todd.

This was happening every spring.

Hienz had a long talk with Leon.

Loren smokes a lot.

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She can't play the piano very well.


I will start tonight.

If you decide to work for us, we will pay you twice as much.

Your subscription expires with the June issue.

Since when do you care about fashion?

There isn't much to tell.

Everyone's been complaining about the new tax.

My brother hides his porn magazines under his mattress.

I look at it from an aesthetic point of view.

The Japanese at large consider themselves better off than they used to be.


Blaine is an American of German descent.

I'm working in Tokyo now.

What Tracey really wanted was a new guitar.

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I can do without this.


I was just trying to impress you.

Go along this street and you'll come to the post office on the left.

But my older sister is good at swimming.

It's your civic duty to vote.

When it comes to cooking, no one can equal Mehrdad.


I never meant to hurt Stanislaw.

Herve will call me.

Let's build the country with actions and words.

I work in the nighttime.

I have borrowed a car.

The capsule won't come out.

How big of an idiot are you?


I saw them all.


The last leaf of this book is missing.

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Americans have a great imagination when inventing names.

That doesn't scare me in the least.

You won't believe what she told me!

Evelyn works on his own.

Kemal took a pilates class.

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Ofer has never gone on a date with Ssi.

Collin had no place to live.

You've taken a big risk.

I'm a very lucky guy.

Harris wore himself out.


Have you been to the barber?

Do you like confectionery?

I hate being a preacher's son.


I know you're not ready to deal with this.


What must we do to avoid having this problem again?


You ought to be good at that.

Eugene is stuck-up, isn't he?

Denis wanted it this way.

I've gotta go up and perform now.

I'll do everything for you, so you have only to wait here.


The scientists used nanoparticles.

The new Scottish Parliament is inaugurated.

He left the window as it was, open.

Ow, the coffee is very hot!

Dion is better than I am.

Are you related to her?

Don't make an enemy of Deirdre.


Dan suffocated Linda with a bag.


Who are you calling?

Why don't we take you there?

It was raining when they arrived.

They set a new record for the longest kiss.

I'm not willing to give this to Avery.

We tried to convince Louis not to do it.

I didn't unlock that door.


I know somebody needs me.


They all changed.


Sandy met Rex while on holiday in Turkey.

The water here is very shallow.

Lloyd doesn't want to live in fear.


When I was at high school the subjects I liked were geography and history.

There was a lot of snow.

There were hundreds of people milling about in the streets.

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Sidney tensed slightly.




Sergeant wouldn't let Allan do that.


She called her children into the room.

The shorter the proverb, the more questions.

Noam stopped to take a close look at the car.

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Molly might not have missed the last train.

Reinhard can answer.

Juha lost his temper and hit Mysore.

He robbed me blind.

That way, please.

Hang your coat in the hall please.

Today is hot so we can swim in the ocean.

Hang your hat on the hook.

Are you coming to Boston this weekend?

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Suzan and Jem are members of the Galactic Council.


I am keen on learning English to a higher level. I want to take up my English skills to the next level!

Sugih committed suicide in jail.

We're all on the same side.

The standard Australian English accent comes from the South-eastern part of England.

You may as well talk to a stone wall as to him.

I love working in Boston.

The boss told his secretary to come up with a good idea by the end of the week.

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Close your eyes and sleep!

This time it went well.

You have no evidence.


The communists called each other "comrades".

Stand back from the rope.

So she works at this factory, does she?

This condo is getting old. Why don't we redecorate to give it a fresh feel?

It can't possibly get any worse.